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How to complete your QG Award planner - for Senior Section members

Job Description for Queens Guide Mentors

How to support a member complete her QG Award planner - for mentors


Have you thought about the the Queens Guide Award?

In our county over the last few years we have seen the Duke of Edinburgh's Award go from strength to strength, with more and more ladies in the Senior Section "wanting" to have a go. So how about the Queens Guide Award? We've worked hard to put the support structure in place for the Duke of Edinburgh Award and I'm hoping we can now do the same for the Queens Guide Award!!

As a leader don't be frightened off if one of your Young Leaders, Rangers or Young Adult Leaders are enquiring about it! You won't be left on your own to Mentor them.

Over the next six months we are looking to hold three evenings, across the County, where Mentors and the Senior Section ladies working on it can come and go through their Award: one in Huddersfield, one in Wakefield and one in Ackworth.

Support information is becoming more available, please see downloads on this website - there's a document on how to start your Queens Guide Award along with a job description for a Mentor.

If a Senior Section member approaches you to be her Mentor, have a look to find out what it involves!

There's also information on how to fill in your Queens Guide Award planner - one for Mentors and one for Senior Section members!

There are also dates going around where you can "hire!" me: The Queens Guide Adviser to answer all your QG queries! (well hopefully)

Also email updates are becoming more frequent, for Mentors, ideas on what to do, opportunities coming up which will answer individual sections of the syllabus.

The Award is open to all ladies who are a member of Girlguiding aged between 16 and 25.

Don't forget this includes Young Adult Leaders who may not be attached to a Senior Section Unit!

Interested in the Award or suggesting it to someone you know??

Please click here and download the Queens Guide Syllabus, a separate record book is available from the online girlguiding shop priced at: £3.00 product code: 6109

Go on, suggest it to someone you know!!

  • QG-County Advisers supporting Senior Section members with the Outdoor Challenge: Read (PDF)
  • QG - Outdoor Challenge supporting information: Read (PDF)

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